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GreenSound GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery

  • $17.99
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  • Product Code: M00000287
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Features:2200mah newest ego huge capacity batteryMulti-colors optional5-click on/off lockShort Circuit ProtectionAtomizer ProtectionLow Voltage ProtectionCompatibe with EGO seties atomizerSafer, more beautifulAdvantages:Multi-colorShort Circuit ProtectionAtomizer ProtectionLow Voltage ProtectionPackage include:1*GS eGO II BatteryGreenSound GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery InstructionsOverviewGS EGO II is..

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2200mah newest ego huge
capacity battery
Multi-colors optional
5-click on/off lock
Short Circuit Protection
Atomizer Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Compatibe with EGO seties atomizer
Safer, more beautiful


Short Circuit Protection
Atomizer Protection
Low Voltage Protection

Package include:

1*GS eGO II Battery

GreenSound GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery Instructions


GS EGO II is the most powerful eGO battery ever built.

Greensound EGO II is a beautifully looking eGo vape battery. At 2200mAh, this battery lasts for a long time between two charges.

The EGO II battery uses advanced HGB 2200mAh technology and has a five-fold white on and off button. The LED indicator also acts as a power indicator and alerts the user how much power is remaining or when the unit is charged: White indicates 50% to 100% of the remaining power, and Blue means 25% to 50 %. The remaining Red means the remaining 1 to 25%. If the button flashes red 10 times, it means that there is still 0% of the remaining power and you need to recharge the battery. In addition, EGO II has an 8 second safety lock function (holding down the power button for more than 8 seconds, automatically turns off the battery to avoid damage.


  • Innovative and original design
  • Large capacity battery
  • LED Color level indicator of battery
  • The output regulates 3.7 volts and uses PWM
  • Battery safety 5 times lock function
  • Improved top connector to avoid the top from break away from the battery
  • CE ROHS FCC certification
  • Short circuit protection
  • Fully charged battery can keep 1500 puffs


  • Length: 93.5 mm
  • Diameter: 18.5 mm
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Color: Black, Green, Red, White, Blue, Pink, Purple
  • Charger life: more than 500 times

Package Includes

1 x GreenSound GS EGO II 2200 mAh battery

What's more on GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery

  1. Long resistance

The powerful battery allows over 2000 puffs and lasts all day which means there is no more power failure or bulky chargers to carry around. The improved airflow system provides great experience in every shot.

  • USB Charger

The 2200mAh EGO II battery has a micro USB charging port on the device's top, compatible with most USB chargers (like most smart phone chargers). This feature makes the vape experience more comfortable and more fun.

  • Safety Protection

The 2200mAh EGO II battery features an 8 second safety interlock function. If you press the on and off switch for more than 8 seconds, the battery will stop working to avert damage.

  • Concise Power Level Indicator

LED button colour indicates power level:

  • RED means 1-25% battery remaining.
  • BLUE means 25%-50% battery remaining.
  • WHITE means 50-100% battery remaining.

If the button flashes red 10 times, it means that there is still 0% of the remaining power and you need to recharge the battery.

FAQ for GS EGO II 2200mAh Battery Problems

How to activate the EGO II 2200 mAh Battery?

To activate the battery, tap the on and off switch and continue to inhale. Release the ignition button after inhalation. The power button on the LED lights up when pressed. If the battery does not light up, the battery must be recharged.

(Note: Prolonged pressure on the power switch may cause the fuel tank to overheat and damage it. Store the unit in an appropriate location without accidentally pressing the power switch. )

How to charge the EGO II 2200mAh Battery?

To charge, connect the mini USB charger to the top of the battery and plug it into a running adapter or socket or USB port. The battery indicator flashes to indicate that the battery is charging.


  • Use only the supplied USB charger to prevent battery damage.
  • Use high voltage USB connections for optimal charging performance (low voltage charges may not charge the battery correctly). Refer to your computer's user guide and or the online manufacturer's manual to figure out which of your port has high voltage USB ports.
  • Charge the battery fully before using it to ensure good battery life.

How to store and look after the EGO II 2200 mAh Battery?

  • Charge the battery at full capacity each time to achieve and maintain long battery life.
  • Do not store the battery in a hot or humid environment and do not allow it to fall from high ground.
  • Be careful when connecting or disconnecting the charger and dismantling and assembling tank parts.
  • Never make a puncture in the battery. If you accidentally puncture the battery, use protective clothing and dispose of it carefully and responsibly.
  • Do not fully discharge the battery. It is recommended to charge it almost empty without completely darning it.
  • Do not leave the battery without electricity if you are not using it. Otherwise, the battery may become unusable.

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