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SMOK Infinix 2 Kit

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  • Product Code: M00000075
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SMOK Infinix 2 Pod System Vape Kit InstructionsOverviewThis SMOK Infinix 2 Pod system kit manufactured by the SMOK is actually the result of the modern applications by the original INFINIX. It comes with a prolonged battery capacity of the 450mAh accompanying with it is the new vape cartridge design for classic day to day vape pen operations. The whole device resides in a zinc alloy and the body o..

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SMOK Infinix 2 Pod System Vape Kit Instructions


This SMOK Infinix 2 Pod system kit manufactured by the SMOK is actually the result of the modern applications by the original INFINIX. It comes with a prolonged battery capacity of the 450mAh accompanying with it is the new vape cartridge design for classic day to day vape pen operations. The whole device resides in a zinc alloy and the body of the SMOK INFINIX 2 houses the integrated battery of 250mAh that can be increased to an amazing upgradation of the 450mAh along with brightly placed LED lights. The pod of the whole device is actually redesigned that provides with a natural cutting of the mouthpiece like that of the lips along with a 1.4 ohm coil that can help to vaporize the selection of the amazing flavors available in the market for the users. There are hardly a few overall changes while the rest of the vape body is the same old catering an improved airflow for the MTL users so they can choose their individualized vape settings while maintaining a standard hit of the nicotine salt as well.

The SMOK Infinix 2 provides with excellent flavor profile and the large and dense clouds of the smoke and provides with a great and unique flavor on the overall.

SMOK Infinix 2 Pod System Vape Kit Features

  • All in one system
  • Device starts when a draw is taken
  • 10-16W Output
  • 3V-4.2V Input Voltage
  • 2ml Capacity
  • 4ohm Atomizer Resistance
  • Plug and play connection
  • Magnetic connection for keeping the cotton intact with the mesh
  • Voltage controlled output for the device
  • 450mAh battery
  • LED Light Indicator
  • USB charging

SMOK Infinix 2 Pod System Kit Package Includes

  • 1 X Infinix 2 Device
  • 2 X Refillable 1.4ohm MTL Pod (2ml) (No e-liquid)
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X User Manual

SMOK Infinix 2 Pods Specifications

  • Size: 110 X 12.5 X 12.8 millimeters
  • Battery: 450 mAh
  • Standby Current: <100uA (Load) / <20uA (No-Load)
  • E-juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Voltage for the device: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Wattage of the device: 10w-15W
  • Resistance of Pod: 1.4ohm

What's More On SMOK INFINIX 2

  1. MTL Kit

This incredible device can work with the 1.4 ohm coils and with the 450mAh battery and is the ultimate choice for the MTL (mouth to lung) users. It is also fit for the people who are looking forward to quit smoking.

  1. Design and Build Quality

SMOK INFINIX 2 comes with a sleek and handy design and despite the fact that it can get a little heavy overall for all the extra weight of the battery it is carrying yet in the hands but it feels super lightweight. The angular design ensures that it won't be slipping off of your fingers or rolling down your desk at all.

  1. Multiple protections for safe vape

SMOK has introduced 3 classic features that includes the 8 second cut off and that ensures that a user can go as beyond as an 8 second draw. Short circuit protection and the low voltage protection are also one of the compelling safety features of the device.

  1. Ease of use

There are no hard or confusing instructions at all, nor there are a variety of LED screens that may confuse the user or complicated refilling systems. All you need to do to activate the device is to take a puff and it will turn on.

  1. The Battery

The battery, this incredible vape pen offers is one of its kind as it provides with a long lasting shelf life and the charging time with a 450mAh total power output.

  1. Support charging

The INFINIX 2 can also be charged via a USB cable that is already provided in the kit.



The SMOK INFINIX doesn't only look amazing in your hand but also has a very unique and sleek design the SMOK has done an incredible job over this device. It has got a great stain feel and feels very lightweight and discreet in the hands of the users. The device comes with a zinc alloy casing along with a matte finish on the diamond. The overall weight of the device is less or more than the 22 grams. It does use a refillable cartridge with a 2ml e-juice capacity and has a 250mAh battery along with the sub-ohm coils having a resistance of the 1.4ohm. All users have to do is install the pod and inhale through the mouthpiece that makes it a classic choice among the users.


As the upgraded model of the SMOK INFINIX 1, the SMOK INFINIX 2 happens to be the sharing the same design all though it contains a heavy battery of 450mAh. It provides with longer atomization times due to double the battery life. It comes with a multi-colored LED indicator to give you a clear understanding of the current stats of the device. The device contains 2 containers with a 2ml e-juice capacity and that is why provides the user with increased e-juice concentration for endless vaping. There is no fire or up and down keys all you have to do is inhale through the device and you are good to go.


There is hardly any difference in design section of the devices but if you talk about the mechanics of the both devices then the INFINIX 2 must be your choice because it comes with increased battery of 450mAh and advanced LED features that increases the conevenicne of the users.

FAQ for SMOK INFINIX 2 Pods Problems

  1. How to refill SMOK INFINIX 2?

All you need to do is to pull the rubber out of the plug, insert the e-juice and after you have filled it with the e-juice close it down using the same rubber.

  1. How long for a SMOK INFINIX 2 to charge?

It would almost take 20-25 minutes for the device to be fully charged via the USB port that is intended at the bottom of the device.

  1. How long do SMOK INFINIX 2 pods last?

Casually the pods last about 3-5 days but it usually depends on the usage of the pods, but if you feel reduced flavor and decrease in cloud production then your pod does need changing.

  1. How to make the SMOK INFINIX 2 pod last longer?

Dry hitting can damage the pods so you need to take care of that and also it is important to leave the pod to sit 10-15 minutes after filling it with the e-juice. Also constantly check the levels of the e-juice on and off so you can have a better understanding of the current stats of the device through the LED screen.

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